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“Revolutionary System Delivers Lightning Fast Rankings & Profits For Anyone After UNSTOPPABLE Free Traffic… ”
Discover My Complete, Step-By-Step Formula For Big Affiliate Marketing Paydays…

Affiliate marketing is a great source of income for anyone tired of the hassles of client SEO or eCommerce.
If you love your client SEO or eComm business, great! Affiliate marketing can be a great additional income stream you can start earning from quickly. It’s always a good move to diversify your income – and remember, you have no upfront costs to get into affiliate marketing.

You can apply what you already know to your affiliate marketing business . . . and my techniques and strategies will help you supercharge your efforts for fast, juicy profits.

KEEP IN MIND, affiliate marketing is a perfect match for those ‘9-to-5 ers’ who want to make extra income but not give up their jobs. . . extra income to tuck away for your retirement, or to save up for a down payment for a new home, new vehicle or even to send your kids to private school.

And I’m about to reveal, for the first time, my strategies which earn me in the high 6-figures with affiliate marketing . . . and can help YOU make life-changing income too.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Exactly?
Hello and Welcome! Now watch this video please
Overview Of Affiliate Marketing

Getting Your Mind Right
Correcting Your Mindset, A Different Look Into Affiliate Marketing

Keyword Research 101
Intro To Keyword Research Theory
What Makes A Keyword “Easy”
Intro To Evergreen Niches + Judging 1st Page Comp
Noopept Ex. Continued + Evergreen Theory Cont. + Pattern Finding
Keyword Patterns 101

Over The Shoulder KW Research Series
OTS KW Research- “DNA Testing”
OTS AtoZ Keyword and Pattern Building
OTS KW Research- “Stun Gun Flashlights”
Watch me fumble around for about 9 minutes and then stumble into a …
OTS KW Research- “Honeymoon”

Emerging Niches and Keyword Pattern Theory Continued
Emerging Niches 101 + OTS Example

Open and Easy Niches Are Everywhere
Hiding In Plain Sight Niche Ex.1
Hiding In Plain Sight Niche Ex. 2
Hiding In Plain Sight Niche Ex. 3
Hiding In Plain Sight Niche Ex.4

Website Structure And Monetization
Site Structure and Monetization Intro
Linking To Your Presell Page
Presell Pages That Work For Just About Everything
Structuring Titles and Urls To Target KWs
Content Creation 101
Email List Hacks 101

Niche Domination And Traffic Secrets
Niche Domination and Traffic Secrets 101
Niche Case Study Site Reveal-**************.com
Traffic Hacks- YouTube-ism

Live Webinar Action-Killer Content
Live Webinar Training- OTS Keyword Research
Webinar Niche Continued- More OTS KW Research!
OTS Harp Loans and Emaze With Mike Long from OMG Machines
Webinar Gold- “Fupa” Niche Instant Rankings

Webinar Replays
Q and A Webby #1 Replay May 19th
Q and A Webby 2


What are you getting this Group Buy?

1.) Video Training
2.) Webinar

File Size 3.25GB
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CPA Wealth Academy – Alex Gould(Group Buy) $997.00
You Just Pay: $38.98

CPA Wealth Academy - Alex Gould
CPA Wealth Academy Hassle-Free Income From FREE Traffic Revolutionary System Delivers Lightning Fast Rankings & Profits For Anyone After UNSTOPPABLE Free Traffic...Discover My Complete, Step-By-Step Formula For Big Affiliate Marketing Paydays...
Price: $997.00
Price: $38.98

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