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eCom Premier Academy – David Zander [Special Group Buy]

How You Can Create A Secure Future For Yourself AND Your Family In 30 Short Days Starting From Absolute ZERO

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Why 99% of eCommerce marketers are on the brink of a catastrophic downfall without even knowing it.
The easy way to avoid downfall and build an eCommerce business that’s reliable, life changing, and with the potential to span generations of your family.
How to receive over $10,000.00 in tools, training, and resources for over 85% off.

And as you’ll see time and again, we keep our promises. You’ll learn a LOT of incredible stuff just by reading this page – so pay attention.
First, I would like to share an important lesson with you.
Why Re-Selling Inexpensive Items from China Is A DANGEROUS Model For Your Business.

There is no doubt that you can turn a profit by purchasing items from Alibaba (and marketplaces like it) and reselling them in your own Shopify store.

In fact, We’ve generated millions of dollars in sales this way, and so have my business partners and students. (we even teach it)

But that doesn’t change the fact that this is NOT a complete business model.

The truth of the matter is, it is very DANGEROUS territory…
…and if you’re relying on this model exclusively… then you are setting yourself up for great disappointment.
Maybe, in the pit of your gut, you’re already starting to notice that this model is unstable.

A supplier can disappear at any time.

A supplier’s products can be of poor quality, or the quality can lessen without notice, resultingin refunds, complaints, and worst of all, chargebacks.

Plus – all it takes is one comment on a Facebook post that exposes your item for a cheaper price, and your sales plummet.

To summarize, with the Alibaba (or any supplier) resell model, you surrender your power to outside forces that do NOT have your best interest at heart.

That’s why…
Your goal must shift from re-selling products to creating your own brand with your own assets.

I noticed it in my own business, and hundreds of students noticed it too.

Let me make sure you’re in the same category. Can you say yes to the following:

Do you want a true business? Do you want a moneymaking asset you can rely on for life?

Do you want an asset that business moguls will want to BUY and INVEST in (think SharkTank)?

Do you want a legacy you can pass on to your children and family?

Of course you do.

So you MUST move beyond finding stuff on Alibaba and re-selling it. That’s just another way of “throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks,” anyway.

It’s time to be more calculated.
Time for you to generate income more dependably, reliably, and in much larger quantities.

Because the joys of having your own branded assets are incredible. Imagine selling products that people can’t get anywhere else. Bringing something truly unique and in high-demand to the marketplace.

WITHOUT relying on shady suppliers who are thousands of miles away.

Being able to know how much money you’re making next month, with certainty. And operating a business you can be proud of.


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  • Please I need help. I just purchased eCom Premier Academy and can’t find my download link. It also won’t let me submit a support ticket as I can’t see the small image to type into box.

    • we already send you and email


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