Kopywriting Kourse – Neville Medhora

Kopywriting Kourse

Neville Medhora – Kopywriting Kourse

Learn to “Warm Up” customers without doing a damn thing

What you must understand is that:
ONE.) People don’t care about YOU right away…they care about what you can DO for them.

TWO.) Whenever you contact someone…make sure you give them something they can USE (even if it’s one tiny thing to help them improve).

THREE.) Just slightly shift your mentality to W.I.F.E. and you’ll have a much better chance at getting a response.

FOUR.) If you wanna learn more about copywriting techniques that’ll make your writing better in a lot of areas…checkout one of our best-selling courses on AppSumo, the KopywritingKourse. This single course has helped soo many people make more money in their lives by simply showing them how to re-arrange their words.

The KopywritingKourse is an unbelievable investment if you regularly write emails, write for your website, or even send sales emails (we were surprised by the huge results sales people started getting).

And here’s the thing…it’s not some B.S. “20 hours of killer content” kind of course.
That’s too long.
That’s too boring.

…it’s two hours of fun video tutorials split up into videos about 3 to 8 minutes long.

There’s three sections to the KopywritingKourse:
Learning the mentality of a good Kopywriter.
Learning the technical stuff (you get to watch real kopy being written and formatted).
How to tie what you learned and modify your own kopy.
We’ve since learned that lots of companies even require their employees to watch this course because it’s quick, simple to implement, and can help raise the conversions of almost everything you write.

If you wanna learn more, checkout the KopywritingKourse.

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