Optimal Living 101 – Brian Johnson

Optimal Living 101

Optimal Living 101 – Brian Johnson


Optimal Living Membership Program

Would you like to optimize your life, actualize your potential
and give your greatest gifts in greatest service to the world? Fantastic.
Brian’s Optimal Living membership program might be perfect for you.

Imagine the best Big Ideas from the best optimal
living books distilled into beautiful 6-page PDFs +
20-min MP3s. That’s More Wisdom in Less
Time. That’s PhilosophersNotes.
Instant access to


10 new
every month
Optimal Living 101

All the great teachers come back to the same
Ideas. Brian distills their wisdom into fun,
inspiring, smart, super-practical classes. Get
instant access to 200+ Micro Classes and a
bunch of full classes (Confidence 101 + Habits
101 + Relationships 101 + …).
Instant access to

Optimal Living Micro Classes

50 new
Optimal Living Micro Classes


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