Video Marketing

The Tube Equation

the tube equation

The Tube Equation Plus Bonus

Here’s What You’ll Receive!
The Annotation Method
Step-by-Step Video Training

Access to over 12 training videos

Where I show you over the shoulder how to build a special annotation funnel that helps to…

..triple you’re engagement, traffic and sales…

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Make Money by creating QUOTE PRINTABLES In PowerPoint

Make Money

Make Money by creating QUOTE PRINTABLES In PowerPoint

The Complete Guide To Creating and Selling Amazing Printable Quotes For Non-Designers!

You can create a wide variety of designs using Microsoft PowerPoint and not just boring slideshows! If you have creativity by your side, you can use PowerPoint as your canvas to design amazing quote printables.
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Video Xtreme – YouTube Ad System Training Course

Video xtreme

Neil Napier, Justin Sardi – Video Xtreme
Unleash the Youtube Ad System That Can QUADRUPLE Your Current Results

Only pay for when someone watches your video.
QUICKLY and CHEAPLY approach your target market and work to build authority and branding.
Step by Step system to analyze competition and work to QUICKLY achieve 200%+ RoI
Systemize your entire business by working with clients as well as run your own campaigns successfully
Leverage Authority From Third Party Websites
Embed Your Own Optin Form and Buy Buttons On Curated Content
Drive Autopilot Traffic To Your Social Assets
Automatically Syndicate Your Authority Links To Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin
Retarget Visitors Throughout The Web


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Salespage: SalesPage (more info)

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Video Ads Crash Course – Justin Sardi

Video Ads Crash Course

The Dirt Cheap Targeted Traffic Solution That Drives MASSIVE Views to Any Video You Want on the Web

So what exactly is Video Ads Crash Course going to do for you? Can a simple course really turn everything around for you?

Yes. Yes it absolutely can, and it’s far easier than you think because let’s face it, we tend to over complicate things. I’m guilty of this myself, so don’t worry.
Here’s What Video Ads Crash Course Will Do For You:

Gives you access to TARGETED traffic on demand (simply point the video you want traffic to and press ‘Go’ with the strategies outlined to you
Drives massive targeted traffic to your website for as little as pennies per click
Helps increase ROI’s on your campaigns so you make more money with less ad spend
Shows you how to lower your cost per click while increasing the quality of the prospects you are reaching – so you have higher overall conversion ratios and put more cash in your pocket
Teaches you how to setup a profitable video campaign in under an hour (including making the video, writing the ad, and posting everything to generate targeted traffic)
Gives you advanced secrets to getting your ads to convert at higher click-throughs than your competitors
Enables you to understand which analytics and metrics are key to track and which are not… this ultimately gives you greater control in knowing what is performing best and what truly needs tweaking
Shows you how to generate quality traffic to affiliate campaigns, your own promotions, and client projects as well… which gives you the skill to generate revenue on demand… and that ultimately gives you true peace of mind knowing you can always make money
Empowers you with proven templates, proven ad formulas, and proven profit pulling strategies which you can use immediately to build your business (and income) to the level you choose
Plants control back in your hands for generating massive amounts of dirt cheap targeted traffic to exactly where you want (and zero waiting on video SEO strategies to hopefully work, this is almost instant results you see immediately)

This system is about bringing control back into your hands. Giving you the proven steps to generate targeted traffic so you can achieve your business and financial goals.

All this while still being able to enjoy time with your family and friends as your success grows and multiplies with the strategies you uncover with Video Ads Crash Course.

I’m here to help you succeed because I know how frustrating it was for me to figure this all out.

You can do this and I will show you exactly how to succeed in getting dirt cheap traffic. In fact…

Here’s What You Get With Your Access to
Video Ads Crash Course:

Full coverage of the various types of ads you can leverage

This will help you know which video ad depending on your goals to use so you can get maximum leverage from each campaign.

Value: $97.00

A break down on how to get the most out of each ad

This teaches you the skill. It teaches you “how to fish” instead of just giving you a fish. Which is important because you’ll know how to plan for the click, create compelling thumbnails, and set up powerful call to actions… for the rest of your life.

Value: $97.00

A complete, over-the-shoulder view of campaign setup

This gives you a huge advantage because you’ll see how to purpose your ad based on the goals of your campaign, and it’s all done right in front of you so there’s no confusion.

Value: $97.00

Sought-after secrets of tracking and supercharging your conversions

Once you know this critical part you’ll know what is working, and what’s not, and you can fix what’s not working while making your successes even better. This gives you a faster path to having profitable campaigns which can ultimately make you more money every month.

Value: $97.00

A full breakdown on building a complete Video Ad Sales Funnel

Take a step inside and see what proven success looks like. You’ll take video advertising further by integrating it the right way with larger sales funnels, so you grow your video audience alongside the rest of your business. This also teaches you how to build a valuable asset that is saleable.

Value: $97.00

Advanced targeting and training methods for exponential growth

Here’s how to get the hottest prospects to generate the highest conversion rates. After learning this you will save a LOT of money and time by avoiding bad keywords and other detrimental practices, all so you can keep costs low and ROI up.

Value: $197.00

Landing Pages for your Video Ads

These are proven pages you can outright swipe for immediate results. This saves you time by giving you landing pages which are already proven to convert effectively.

File Size 2.57GB
Salespage: SalesPage (more info)

Video Ads Crash Course (Group Buy) $947.00
You Just Pay: $28.98

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Video Ads Crash Course - Justin Sardi
Video Ads Crash Course - Traffic Breakthrough: Laser Targeted Video Trafficat Only 1 Cent Per View, GUARANTEED! Gives you access to TARGETED traffic on demand (simply point the video you want traffic to and press ‘Go’ with the strategies outlined to you. Drives massive targeted traffic to your website for as little as pennies per click. Helps increase ROI’s on your campaigns so you make more money with less ad spend
Price: $947.00
Price: $28.98

Tube Amplify

Tube Amplify

“The Secret Weapons of a top ranked YouTuber with 400,000+ subscribers who makes over $1,000 per day from his channel!”
“Tube Amplify” is Parker’s secret software AND 11 step formula for making money on YouTube in literally ANY niche and turning YouTube into a 5-6 figure yearly income, even if you have NOTHING to sell or have zero online business experience!

100% newbie friendly & veteran approved – the easiest & most COMPLETE 6 figure YouTube system ever created.
Uncover the secrets of the FOURTH highest paid automotive YouTuber in the WORLD. (for the first time ever)
Ground breaking software uncovers “hidden YouTube gold” and automates 90% of the niche research “work” most people won’t do.
NO website, product, email list or experience needed…and NO buying ads!
Pull profits from YouTube, even if you suck on camera and hate making videos.
Become THE “go to expert & authority” in literally ANY niche. Pick a niche and Tube Amplify will show you how to dominate it.
Want traffic instead? No problem, Tube Amplify will get you an endless supply of FREE targeted traffic back to your websites, landing pages and offers.

What You Get:

The Tube Amplify software makes dominating ANY niche on YouTube a walk in the park.

Easily spy on and size up competitors, uncover profitable YouTube keywords and track video rankings and channel growth as you rise up the YouTube ranks and start profiting from your channel.
The System
Parker helps you create, launch and grow your YouTube channel into the $1,000 per day realm, and shows you how you can follow in his footsteps in your own niche.

You’ll be able to speed up your results by 10x or more once you combine what you learn here with the software!

What is Tube Amplify?


Download Link (4MB)

Salespage: SalesPage (more info)

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Tube Remarketing Mastery – Adam Payne


Adam Payne – Tube Remarketing Mastery

Sick and tired of seeing everyone else crush it with YouTube, but not you?
“Discover a Little Used Method to Turn Brand New Visitors
Into Warm Prospects & Red-Hot Buyers…
You’ve been working TOO HARD. Make YouTube give you your best audience, best traffic, and get the best results of your life.
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Video Course Cash Kit

Video Course Cash Kit

Step-By-Step Video Training Video Course Cash Kit

Here’s Exactly What You Get…
Step-By-Step Video Training That Teaches You How To Create Your Own Training Products and harness sites like Udemy and SkillShare and guarantees you’ll make at least $100
Inside Video Course Cash Kit, you’ll get a step-by-step method to make money online creating simple online video courses…

You don’t need to know anything special, there are millions of knowledge hungry buyers on SkillShare and Udemy just waiting to fork over cash to learn things we guarantee you know right now.
You don’t need any prior experience
You don’t need an idea to get started, everyone has something they can teach others and John explains exactly how to come up with ideas.
And, you NEVER have to show your face on camera if you don’t want to…
Without a huge budget, you can follow this training without spending one cent

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100k Factory Ultra Edition

100k factory ultra edition

Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton – 100k Factory Ultra Edition

100K Factory Ultra Edition is without doubt the easiest, most reliable and predictable way to make money and build an incredible online business that exists today.There is no risk, the effort needed is minimal… and most importantly, you get FAST results.
Simply put, you’ll be getting access to the EXACT same system that we currently use to make up to $2000 per day for each website that we create… and build SIX, even SEVEN figure empires REPEATEDLY from simple image-based websites that take less than 60 minutes to set up.
There are NO roadblocks, obstacles or “barriers to entry” — None. Whatsoever.

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